University Learning Center

Math Lab Policies

Open Lab Hours:

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday-Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 2pm
Sunday 2pm - 9pm

Also see ULC Office Hours and Location

Schedule Coverage:

  • Be here when your shift starts!
  • Scheduling preferences are taken into consideration, but coverage is the priority. For this reason, flexibility about your schedule is appreciated.
  • All tutors are responsible for working their assigned hours.
  • In the case of an illness or other emergency, it is your responsibility to find coverage prior to the beginning of your shift. Call the front desk immediately and inform them of any changes in shift, even if you are just going to be late!
  • Advance requests for time off must be approved one week in advance. Submit written requests to Stefanie Anderson, University Learning Center Office Administrator. In these cases, it is still your responsibility to find coverage for your shifts.
  • Always notify Stefanie Anderson in advance of any shift changes!

Other information:

  • Lab Computers are for official ULC use only. Do not download anything on the computer; do not let students download anything on the computers.
  • When the Lab is slow, it is fine to work on your own work, work on the computers, or talk with other tutors. However, do not become so involved in other things that you ignore students! Greet every student when they come in and check on them frequently to see if they need help.

All other ULC Policies apply to Math Tutors!

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