University Learning Center

Tutee Attendance Policy

The ULC Appointment Attendance Policy applies to all ULC Services that require appointments (Academic Achievement Mentoring, Math Services, Tutoring Services, and Writing Services). For this reason, a tutee could be removed from your schedule for various reasons. 

 When a student makes an appointment online, the ULC Appointment Attendance Policy appears on the screen. In addition, the Tutor/Tutee Agreement completed at the beginning of the first tutoring session will make the attendance policy clear to the tutee.


Notification of Tutee Cancellation

*Tutors MUST check their UNCW email daily and frequently, as updates may occur as late as one hour before the appointment. ALWAYS check email before coming to the ULC office.

Tutee-initiated Changes

  1. It is the tutee's responsibility to make any changes to their schedule. Even if a tutee asks the tutor to make a schedule change, remind tutees that tutors are NOT permitted to make any changes (cancellations, alterations, etc) to the tutee's schedule.  All schedule changes are done by the ULC Front Desk staff.
  2. If a tutee cancels an appointment with 24 hours advance notice (or beyond), the cancellation notification will come to the tutor via an email from TutorTrac. 
  3. If a tutee contacts the ULC office to cancel an appointment in under 24 hours, the ULC will phone the tutor (this is in addition to an email from TT).
  4. When a tutee chooses to no longer receive tutoring, tutors should notify the front desk staff of this change. This is necessary in order to keep TT information current and accurate.

Tutee "No Show"

A tutee has a 15 minute window to arrive for his/her tutoring session. After the 15 minute window, if the tutee does not show up, it is counted as a missed appointment. After the 15 minute period, the tutor will clock out of work. Regardless of whether a tutee shows or not, the tutor will be paid for those 15 minutes.