University Learning Center

TutorTrac Procedures

TutorTrac is the program that the ULC uses to track all student appointments.

  1. Students use TutorTrac to set their appointments with you. It's a good idea to learn how students make/cancel appointments.
  2. Students can only set appointments 24 hours in advance. That means you will be able to check your next day's schedule. Also, every evening at 9:30pm, TutorTrac generates an e-mail reminder concerning your appointments for the next day.
  3. How you use TutorTrac (handout)
  4. Mobile View: both tutors and tutees can access TT from their mobile devices
    • To access the mobile version of TT:
      • log in to TT
      • scroll down to the bottom left and click "Switch to Mobile Version"
    • Some phones do not pull up the mobile version automatically.  If this happens, scroll down to the bottom left and click a link to activate the mobile view.


If you would like to set your own tutoring appointment with another tutor (Writing Center, Tutoring  Services, or Study Skills), follow these instructions.