University Learning Center

TutorTrac Procedures

TutorTrac is the program that the ULC uses to track all student appointments.

  1. Students use TutorTrac to set their appointments with you. It's a good idea to learn how students make/cancel appointments.
  2. Students can only set appointments 24 hours in advance. That means you will be able to check your next day's schedule. Also, every evening at 9:30pm, TutorTrac generates an e-mail reminder concerning your appointments for the next day.
  3. Mobile View: both tutors and tutees can access TT from their moblie devices
    • To access the mobile version of TT:
      • log in to TT
      • scroll down to the bottom left and click "Switch to Mobile Version"
    • Some phones do not pull up the mobile version automatically.  If this happens, scroll down to the bottom left and click a link to activate the mobile view


How you use TutorTrac (TT instruction handout with images):

1. Sign into the laptop

a. User Name = UNCW "normal" Outlook user name
b. Password = UNCW "normal" Outlook password

2. Sign-In to Tutor Trac
a. Open Firefox [or Internet Explorer]
b. Go to ULC main page
c. Click on Tutoring Services
d. Click on Tutor Resources
e. Click on TutorTrac
f. TutorTrac User Name = your last name and first initial
g. TutorTrac Password = your last name and first initial
h. Click on Login

3. Log In for Work
a. Click on Trac Man icon

b. Click on Log Listing

c. Locate the "Log in Student" box [top middle of page]
d. Type your Student ID # (e.g., 850123456), click Enter
e. Subject = EMPLOYEE ONLY, Visit Reason = WORK
d. Click CONTINUE (twice)
e. Go to the Trac Man drop down menu and choose SCHEDULE

*If this is tutee's first session: have tutee complete "Tutee Survey #1"

4. Tutee Attendance or "Missed" Appointment

a. If tutee attends, conduct session, go to step 5

b. If tutee does not arrive within 15 minutes, it is a "missed" appointment

1. Do NOT enter session notes

2. Go to step 7

5. Record Session Notes
a. Click on the appointment time to get the Appointment Entry page.
b. Click on VISIT INFO tab
c. Verify the following: Center, Subject
d. Record Session Notes--utilize the "Tutee Assessment Rubric" found on computer desktop.
e. Click on SAVE.

6. Do you have another session immediately following this one?
a. If Yes - go back to the Trac Man drop down menu and choose SCHEDULE.
b. If No -Go to Step 7.

7. Clock Out of the Session
a. Go to the Trac Man drop down menu and choose "Log Listing"
b. click on the small blue box next to your name; choose NO when asked to inform instructor
d. click "continue" on two more screens

8. Log Out of TutorTrac
a. Go back to the Trac Man drop down menu and choose EXIT
b. Close out of the Windows Screen


If you would like to set your own tutoring appointment with another tutor (Writing Center, Learning Services, or Study Skills), follow these instructions.