University Learning Center

Daily Tasks

Our room scheduling system utilizes name tags and a room chart so that staff and fellow tutors know which tutors are meeting in which rooms throughout the day. When you arrive for a tutoring session, follow these basic procedures.

  • Greet the Front Desk staff and look on the board for your room assignment.
  • If conducting an online tutoring session, retrieve camera & headset from credenza.
  • Check your mailbox in the workroom to retrieve your door card and any mail.
  • Go to assigned tutoring room and hang your door card.
  • Open TT on the laptop provided. Sign-in to TT, log-in for work, then open the appointment.
  • Open the "Tutee Assessment Rubric" found on TS Tutor Resource page
  • DO NOT assume that your tutee is absent just because their log-in time does not appear on your laptop. It is the tutor's responsibility to go to the lobby at the top of the hour to see if tutee is present.
  • Go to the lobby to greet your tutee:
    • Make sure the tutee signed-in. If not, have tutee sign-in BEFORE going back to the tutoring room.
    • If it's the first session with the tutee, make sure tutee completed the "Tutee Intake Form"
  • Conduct your tutoring session (if it's the first session, have tutee complete the "Tutor/Tutee Agreement AND "Tutee Critical Thinking & Satisfaction" survey #1).
  • Attempt to seamlessly incorporate study strategies into the session.
  • End the session at least 5 minutes early; input and save session notes in TutorTrac.
  • Tutors should not log-in or *log-out for the tutee. Only verify Center and Subject.
    • Exception: IF tutee forgets to Log-Out, tutor will input "Time Out" in TT
    • Exception: Online Appointments: tutor needs to Log-In & Log-Out for tutee
  • Tutee Option to Notify Instructor of Visit through TT: two options:
    • Tutor inputs notification info: Ask tutee if he/she wants instructor notified-enter "yes" or "no" in the drop-down menu in your TT notes; OR
    • Tutee inputs notification info when he/she logs out in the lobby.
  • If it is the first session with tutee, at the end of the session:
    • Walk with tutee to front desk.
    • Submit Tutor/Tutee Agreement slip to Front Desk Staff.
    • Confirm tutee's scheduling status with Front Desk Staff.
  • If your tutee is a NO SHOW, just close the appointment - DO NOT ENTER ANY NOTES. If you enter notes, TutorTrac will automatically mark the tutee as ATTENDED.
  • If this was an online session, return camera and headset to credenza.
  • If you do not immediately have another appointment, log-out of work and exit out of TutorTrac.
  • Check out with front desk staff and let them know if any of your tutees were "no-shows."

A list of these procedures will also be available in each tutoring room.

Report any problems to the ULC Front Desk staff or TS Coordinator.