University Learning Center

Tutee Self-Assessment

Personal reflection can be a powerful tool in transforming the way a student thinks about learning. The following self-assessment questions can help tutees become more aware of their academic attitudes and talents. In addition, the information can help tutors assess a tutee's needs and plan sessions based on those needs. It is recommended that the tutor have the tutee write down the answers to these questions at the first session.

  1. What are your ultimate academic goals? Your major(s)? Your career path?
  2. How can the University Learning Center (ULC) help you achieve these goals? In what areas do you need help? Be specific about courses and concepts (i.e. -HST 102 - essay questions).
  3. Have you been to the ULC before? Do you know what the ULC offers?
  4. What do you feel are your biggest academic strengths? What are your biggest weaknesses?
  5. What is your favorite course this semester? Least favorite?
  6. How do you approach studying?
  7. Where and when do you study?
  8. What is your approach to reading textbooks?
  9. When reading or taking notes, are you able to pick out the main idea? Explain.
  10. Do you have a specific way in which you take notes? Is it working?
  11. What strategies are you currently using to study? What have you used in the past? Give specific examples (i.e. - Cornell Note-Taking System).
  12. What strategies have been most successful for you?
  13. When given a long-term assignment (like an essay or project that is due in a month), are you able to plan your schedule and to meet deadlines comfortably and with confidence?
  14. How do you prepare and study for an upcoming exam?
  15. Do you get anxious before an exam? Explain.
  16. Do you have a daily planner? How do you schedule your time?
  17. Do you attend classes regularly? Do your instructors have an attendance policy? If you miss a course, do you copy the notes from a friend?
  18. If you get bored while studying, how do you engage yourself again?
  19. Have you made an appointment to speak with any of your instructors?
  20. Do you know your learning style/preference? (i.e. VARK -visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic )