University Learning Center

Preparation for a Session


For the Tutor -- Both the ULC and the tutee expect tutors to be knowledgeable in their given subject. This expectation demands that the tutor constantly review material in order to be prepared for every session. In addition, tutors should prepare themselves through regular assessment of their tutoring techniques, development of needed skills, and discovery of possible improvement.

For the Tutee -- Both the ULC and the tutor expect the tutee to engage in the learning process. This includes classwork: attending class, taking notes, reading the textbook, attempting homework; and working with the tutor: bringing notes, textbooks, and old tests to the session, and completing any assignment given by the tutor. The tutor should discuss any specific preparation he/she expects from the tutee for the next tutoring session and for the course.

Failure to Meet Expectations

For the Tutor -- If a tutor is clearly unprepared for a tutoring session, the Tutoring Services Coordinator will discuss this issue with the tutor and appropriate actions will be taken.

For the Tutee -- Over the course of two consecutive sessions, if a tutee is clearly unprepared, the tutor should speak with the Tutoring Services Coordinator. If the tutee continues to come unprepared to sessions, he/she could be removed from tutoring.