University Learning Center

New Appointments

**It is IMPORTANT that you check your UNCW email on a daily basis.**

Appointment info for tutors:

  • As soon as a student makes an appointment with you, TT will send you an email.
  • At 9:30pm the night before a scheduled appointment, TT will send you a summary of all the sessions you have scheduled for the next day.
  • ALWAYS check your email before coming to the ULC for your tutoring session.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your UNCW emails for new appointments. It is unprofessional behavior to miss an appointment because you failed to check your email. Several missed appointments could affect your employment as a tutor.

Appointment info for students:

  • Students wanting tutorial assistance must schedule appointments 24 hours in advance.
Mobile View for tutors and students:
  • To access the mobile version of TT, scroll down to the bottom left after logging in and click "SWITCH TO MOBILE VERSION"
  • Some phones do not pull up the mobile version automatically. If this happens, scroll down to the bottom left of the main page and click a link to activate mobile view.