University Learning Center

First Appointment Procedures

  1. Advise the tutee of ULC policies by reviewing (and having tutee sign) the "Tutor/Tutee Agreement"
  2. Review the "Effective Tutoring Services Tutoring Session" page with tutee
  3. Determine whether the tutee wants a recurring appointment or a one-time appointment
  4. Have tutee complete the "Tutee Reflection Questions" sheet
  5. At the end of the first appointment:
    • (for recurring tutees) Check your Tutor Trac schedule to make tutee's desired day/time is available
    • Go to the front desk with your tutee
    • Give front desk staff the appropriate part of the "Tutor/Tutee Agreement"
    • Make sure everyone (you, tutee, and front desk staff) understands the tutee's scheduling status

First Appointment Reminders

  • Assess the tutee's concerns about the class. The "Tutee Self-Assessment" page is an excellent assessment tool
  • Discuss and suggest basic study skills that the tutee may utilize for the class
  • Review the following ULC policies
    1. Attendance
    2. Preparation for sessions
    3. Academic honesty
    4. Cannot guarantee a better grade
    5. Cannot directly help with homework
    6. ULC office hours
    7. ULC contact information
    8. No contact between tutor/tutee outside of the ULC
Scheduling Reminders
  • Students cannot make appointments through your sign-in. If you want to assist the tutee with their TT schedule, the tutee must be signed-in as themselves. This is accomplished by opening a new window and following sign-in procedures shown on the ULC homepage.
  • During the Fall and Spring, students are only permitted two hours of tutoring per week with any individual tutor. (Daily appointments are permitted during the Summer semesters.) By the end of the first session, you and the tutee should decide how often to meet.
  • If a tutee wants two hours of tutoring per week, then two separate one-hour sessions (on two different days) must be scheduled. A single two-hour sessions is only permitted on rare occasions with permission from the Tutoring Services Coordinator. If this permission is granted, the tutor must go to the front desk and verify this extra hour appointment.