University Learning Center

Dismissal of a Tutee

The ULC staff may remove a tutee from your schedule for the following reasons:

  • Missing their second recurring appointment with the same tutor
  • Missing a total of three ULC appointments (see ULC Appointment Attendance Policy for all missed appointment procedures)
  • An "erratic appointment schedule" (see definition below)
  • Disruptive or disengaged behavior (see definition below)

"Erratic Appointment Schedule": when a student signs up for recurring (weekly) appointments, but then goes back and "strategically" cancels certain appointments. If this occurs, it is imperative that the tutor informs the ULC staff of this situation. If a tutor informs us of the situation, the following email will be sent to the tutee:

"Weekly tutoring appointments are designed for the student to be present every week. An erratic schedule of appointments inadvertently penalizes the tutor, other potential students, and ultimately, the tutee. If tutees' schedules do not allow them to be present on a weekly basis, it is the ULC policy that they only schedule one-time appointments on an as-needed basis."

"Disruptive or Disengaged Behavior": If any of the following scenarios occur, the tutor needs to discuss the situation with the TS Coordinator. A tutee may be removed for the following reasons:

  • Exhibits disruptive or disrespectful behavior of any kind
  • Failure to engage in the learning process
    • Over the course of two consecutive sessions, if a tutee is clearly unprepared if he/she
      • does not bring course material (textbook, notes, syllabus, etc.)
      • does not respond to tutor's questions
      • does not complete tutor's assignment