University Learning Center

An Effective Tutoring Services Tutoring Session

    • Is a collaboration between the tutor and the tutee (student).
    • Asks a tutee to become an engaged and self-disciplined learner.


    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle
  • Responsibilities of the Tutee

    • Arrive on time.
    • Bring course materials with you (textbook, notebook, syllabus, course calendar, old test, etc).
    • Have a clear goal in mind for each tutoring session.
    • Come prepared with questions.
    • Understand that tutoring is a supplement for regular class attendance not a substitute. In other words, a tutor's role is more of a guide or partner instead of an instructor.
    • Be willing to try new ideas suggested by the tutor.
    • Complete any assignment given by the tutor.
    • Utilize the entire 55 minutes of the scheduled tutoring session.
    • Clearly communicate with the ULC front desk staff [not just the tutor] concerning ALL schedule changes.
    • Adhere to the Learning Services policies listed below.

    Responsibilities of the Tutor

  • Tutoring Services Tutors will:
    • Take the time to explore your concerns about the course.
    • Help you develop study skills.
    • Ask you guided questions to inspire you to become an independent learner.
    • Provide you with scenarios/problems similar to your homework assignments and/or test questions.
  • Tutoring Services Tutors will NOT:
    • Assist with any assignment you will be submitting for a grade (includes homework, papers, take-home exams, quizzes).
    • Assume the role of lecturer.
  • Tutoring Services Policies

Expectations of Tutees:

  1. Attendance: Attend all scheduled appointments and come prepared as an engaged learner. Students who miss ULC appointments negatively affect our room availability and limit the number of tutoring hours available.
  2. Cancel: If you need to cancel, it must be done 24 hours in advance: How to Make/Cancel Your Tutoring Appointment.
  3. Respect: Be respectful toward the tutors, the staff, and the ULC's learning environment.