University Learning Center

Tutor/Tutee Agreement

It is imperative that your tutee clearly understands all ULC policies. So, at the first session with any new student, you will review pertinent ULC policies with the tutee and each of you will sign the "Tutor/Tutee Agreement" form verifying that you have done so. Once completed, you will tear the form along the dotted line. The tutee keeps the top portion; give the bottom portion of the form to the Front Desk staff. These forms will be available in the tutoring rooms; there are extra copies in the workroom.

Tutor/Tutee Agreement (PDF)

The following is an outline of what to cover with the tutees when reviewing the Tutor/Tutee Agreement:

  • Expectations of Tutees
  • Loss of Tutoring Privileges
  • Attendance Policy
  • Tutee's Schedule of Appointments
  • Office Hours
  • Contact Info
  • Preparation for sessions (both tutor and tutee)
  • Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty

Tutors and tutees are bound by the UNCW Academic Honor Code (PDF)

One specific manifestation of this policy is that tutors will not assist tutees directly in completing any graded assignments. The tutor may create problems or scenarios similar to the assignment; but cannot and will not help the student complete the assignment. The tutor may, however, use already graded assignments in order to develop practice problems and frame conceptual discussions.

If there are any other topics specific to your way of structuring sessions, etc., discuss them with your tutee and note them on the agreement.