University Learning Center

What Learning Tutors Do

The primary concerns of Tutoring Services tutors are helping students develop a greater understanding of course content and helping them improve their study skills. We want students who utilize Tutoring Services to be successful independent learners. We accomplish this by:

  • engaging students in conversation. Talking with students about what they know and their ideas is one of the most important things we do. We want students to take a positive attitude toward learning and that attitude does not come about by condescension.
  • allowing the student to do the work. It is strict ULC policy that we will not do homework for tutees. Though it is our goal to assist students, tutors must recognize the line between wanting to help and doing too much. Do not cross the line. Instead, tutors should model processes and procedures that the student can then apply to homework. We will also help students learn how to "translate" information into different forms for greater understanding.
  • helping students improve as learners. Academic improvement is our goal. Greater understanding, not higher GPAs, is our primary objective (hopefully one translates into the other; however, grades should not be our primary motivation). Make sure that tutees understand that the ULC cannot guarantee them a higher grade.
  • remembering that the learner, not the work, is our primary concern. Our goal is to help students strengthen their study skills and improve their knowledge. We may use a current assignment as a tool to assist a student's improvement as a learner.