University Learning Center

ULC Statement on Take-home Exams and Quizzes

Students who seek academic support through the University Learning Center (ULC) value the opportunity to work collaboratively with successful and more experienced peers. We train our peer educators to help students develop their knowledge through questioning and resource usage, to provide critical feedback to work-in-progress, and to demonstrate problem-solving skills that can be applied to academic work.

On occasion, a student will request help with problems or questions that have been assigned as part of a take-home examination or quiz; typically students are unaware that this is inappropriate but, on occasion, a student is actively attempting to get help when they should be working independently. Peer educators are instructed to refuse help to students who request assistance with take-home exams or quizzes unless the instructions clearly state that outside assistance is acceptable. However, peer educators cannot always tell when a student's questions derive from an exam and they may inadvertently help a student with work that the student is meant to do alone.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot always prevent this abuse of the ULC without your help. If you give a take-home exam or assign other work for which you do not want students to receive tutorial support, please let us know. You can e-mail copies of these assignments to In this message, please let us know whether or not tutorial support is acceptable.