University Learning Center

University Learning Center Attendance Policy

The ULC offers free academic support to all enrolled UNCW students.  Students who miss ULC appointments negatively affect our room availability and limit the number of tutoring hours available.  In an effort to make the best use of these resources, we have created this attendance policy. 

Attendance Policy and Expectations 

  • Attend all scheduled appointments, be on time, and come prepared.
    • Arriving late by 15 minutes (or more) will result in immediate cancellation of your appointment & will be counted as a missed appointment.
  • Cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance by calling/emailing the ULC Front Desk or online via TracCloud.
    • Cancelling under 24 hours in advance will result in a missed appointment.
  • Do not contact your tutor directly about changes to your appointments.  For questions regarding scheduling, contact the ULC Front Desk.
  • Be respectful toward the tutors, staff, and the ULC’s learning environment. 

Failure to Adhere to the ULC Attendance Policy 

Any appointment not canceled according to the above guidelines will count as a “Missed Appointment.” 

  • First Miss: e-mail notification sent to remind the student about the ULC attendance policy 
  • Second Miss: removal from ALL appointments for ALL services
    • Students can still sign up for one-time appointments
    • Students can still use ULC drop-in services
    • E-mail notification sent 
  • Third Miss: removal from appointment-based services for the rest of the semester  
    • Students can still use ULC drop-in services
    • E-mail notification sent 

An irregular pattern of appointment cancellations, an unwillingness to engage in the learning process, or inappropriate behavior toward ULC staff will result in removal from all ULC services.