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Academic Achievement Workshops

Academic Achievement Workshops explore a number of important academic skills and can be delivered to classes, orientation groups, residence halls, or any other student-centered campus organizations. Please take a moment to peruse the workshops we offer and choose the workshop(s) best suited to the needs of your students. All workshops last approximately 50 minutes and are designed to be very interactive. They also include brief overviews of the University Learning Center's services. Workshops are led by the Academic Achievement Coordinator or a pair of Academic Mentors. For more information, contact Nick Crawford ( To schedule a workshop, please complete this form.

Academic Achievement

This introductory workshop examines what is expected of college students and provides students with important strategies for meeting those expectations, including strategies for note-making, studying, and time management.

Motivation and Concentration

“Motivation and Concentration” is organized around the concept of knowing yourself—What motivates you? In what situations are you best able to concentrate?—and using that knowledge to develop good study habits.

Reading and Study Strategies

This workshop teaches students to distinguish between main ideas and supporting details within a written text or lecture and offers strategies for learning and remembering that information.

Testing Strategies and Preventing Anxiety

“Testing Strategies” is a Family Feud-style game in which teams of students collaborate to come up with practical and “road-tested” test-taking and anxiety-prevention strategies.

Time Management

This workshop focuses on identifying individual problems with time management and identifying possible solutions to those problems.