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Mentoring in action!

Study Skills Mentoring Program

The ULC's Study Skills Mentoring Program gives students the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our peer mentors. Mentors and students will work together to help students develop their academic habits, from reading and note-taking to test-taking to time management. 

Scheduling an appointment

Students scheduling an appointment will be asked to choose one of the following options:

  • General Study Skills

    • This option is for students who would like help in more than one area or for students who are unsure which of the other options to choose. In most cases, students who choose this option will complete a brief study skills assessment and work with a peer mentor to determine which particular study skills they would like to work on. 
  • Reading and Note-taking

    • Students who choose this option will work with a mentor on strategies for effective reading and note-taking, including but not limited to effective surface reading (or "skimming"), the importance of deep reading, annotating a text, and taking notes notes during a lecture. 
  • Testing Strategies 

    • Students who choose this option will work with a mentor on forming good study habits, figuring out how and what to study for a particular test, approaching tests strategically, and dealing with test anxiety. 
  • Time Management

    • Students who choose this option will work with a mentor on developing a manageable weekly schedule, setting realistic goals, and using a daily to-do list, among other important time management habits. Recurring appointments are encouraged. 

The University Learning Center's tutoring and mentoring services are closed when classes are not in session.