University Learning Center

Other Resources for Academic Mentors

In DE 1067 and 1068, you will find copies of the following useful texts: 

AcademiKit Study Organizer-- This binder contains a number of different handouts and templates that have quickly become some of the most popular resources for our mentors. 

Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis-- This book introduces mentors and the students with whom they work to important academic tips and strategies. 

Essential Study Skills by Linda Wong-- This book introduces mentors and the students with whom they work to a number of concepts and issues. Some of the more useful and popular pages have already been marked.

Thriving in College and Beyond by Joseph B. Cuesco, et al.-- This book also introduces mentors and the students with whom they work to topics that frequently come up in an Academic Mentoring session. 

Study Skills Consultants' Resources Binder-- This white binder has a number of handouts and information that one may find useful.

In the main hallway of the ULC, just outside the entrance to the Math Lab, you will find the following: 

Handouts-- These one-page help sheets can be found in the ULC lobby and online.

In and around the ULC, you're likely to find that the following people can be useful resources too:

Previous Academic Mentors-- If at all possible, talk to the Mentors from previous semesters. They have a wealth of knowledge; after all, they just did what you are about to do.

Other Tutors-- Other tutors can give you strategies that they use for students in a specific area that may be modified to study skills in general.

Yourself and Your Tutee-- Take ideas and practices from your own life that have worked and listen to tutees as they come in. Many times a tutee may have a strategy that you can use with another tutee that you have never thought about.

The ULC staff-- Frequent contact with the Academic Achievement Coordinator is important. It is also highly beneficial to talk with the ULC staff, especially the first few weeks of the semester. They can help you with many issues or struggles you are dealing with and give you advice from direct experience.

If you'd like to search for resources online, try the sites suggested in the following link: 

Links-- All of these sources may be helpful; choose the sources that are most appropriate for your tutee.