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Group Sessions

Group sessions can be useful for students enrolled in the same course section.  It can, however, also be challenging for the Tutor to appeal to all the students; therefore, be aware of the needs of each of the group members.  Below are some approaches for group sessions.

1. Preparation: Arrive early to set up the room for a group and to make sure all the members have time to sign in and for you to introduce yourself.

2. Tutor/Tutee Agreement:  If it's the first session, make sure to have EACH student complete the Tutor/Tutee Agreement. 

3. Tutee Names:  Begin by getting to know the tutees' names.  Call them by name when you ask them questions.  This is important for building rapport and trust.   

4. Agenda: Ask each tutee to say out loud his/her reasons for coming to the session.  Write these reasons on the board.   Many times the students will have the same concerns.  Before the session ends, as much as possible, address all of the reasons listed.

5. Individual Attention: Make sure that you talk to each group member--do not isolate anyone. 

6. Tutee Helping Tutee:  Perhaps ask a more experienced student to explain a concept to a less experienced student.  This benefits both students.

7. Active Learning (Taking Notes): Have students write down information that you and their peers provide.  Encourage them to mimic this in class.  Review note-taking systems (like Cornell note-taking) if time.

8. Tutee Keeping Up: Often one tutee is behind the other tutee(s).   Encourage tutees to stop you and have you repeat concepts if they get behind.

9.  Future Appointments:  If all students want to continue group appointments, great.  If not, encourage them to schedule one-on-one appointments with you (if you have available times on your schedule).

10. TutorTrac Notes for Group Sessions:

         a. What a Group Session looks like on your schedule:  click on the blue triangle to access the record of each tutee. 

                                                                                       Group appointment example

           b.  Content of Notes:  For the first tutee of the group, record notes as normal.  Copy the notes of this first tutee and paste the same note content in the notes for the other tutees.