University Learning Center

Handbook for all University Learning Center Peer Leaders, Mentors, and Tutors

This handbook has been designed as an ongoing resource for tutors regarding the mission, values, codes, policies and procedures that are central to the University Learning Center. Below, you will find links to the University Learning Center's Identity Statement and Core Values, followed by desired Learning Outcomes for students who utilize our services. We are invested in supporting students' work to strengthen their independent learning strategies, personal responsibility, intellectual maturity, transferable skills, and respect for diverse learning experiences. While our primary goal in this handbook is to prepare you for tutoring, we also want to help you learn and adopt these values in your work as a tutor - in your every interaction with students who come to ULC for help with learning.

Please read the following carefully and return to these pages often while you work here as a tutor. Feel free to explore, examine, and challenge these values as you engage in your tutor training and your work with the students we serve.

  1. ULC Goals and Objectives
  2. ULC Office Policies
  3. Appointment Update Form (PDF)
  4. Payroll Procedures
  5. Fire Alarm Evacuation Plan & Emergency Response Plan (Powepoint)
  6. NCAA Guidelines for Tutors (PDF)
  7. Isaac Bear Early College for Tutors (PDF)
  8. Campus Resources
  9. Referring Distressed Students (PDF)
  10. UNCW Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Policy
  11. UNCW Harassment Prevention Policy (PDF)
  12. UNCW Academic Honor Code