University Learning Center

ULC Office Policies

Resource Library

The University Learning Center maintains a library of textbooks, CD-ROMs, style guides, and other materials that may be of use to you during tutoring or in preparation for your sessions. Most of these materials are located in the tutoring rooms or Math Lab.  Instructor copies of textbooks (which should only be handled by tutors) are located in the ULC lobby behind the Front Desk.  You are free to use these materials while in the center and to check them out. Circulation schedules may vary depending on the popularity of a particular item. If you find that you need a specific textbook not currently in the resource library, please complete a Textbook Request Form and leave it with the Office Assistant. The Office Assistant will contact the publisher and request a copy to add to the library.

Computers & Laptops

The computers in the lobby are for student use only - they are only to be used to schedule appointments. The computers in the Math Lab & Writing Lab are for general use by both tutors and students at any time. However, priority is always given to ULC business, including Study Skills diagnostics. Please defer to student needs when working in the Labs. Laptops are to be used by tutors or staff only. Never download or save anything on these computers - all computers are automatically wiped clean every night so anything saved or downloaded will be lost. If you need software downloaded to work with your tutee, alert the Front Desk staff.


All tutors are expected to use and regularly check their UNCW e-mail account. No other e-mail address will be utilized by this office for any matter pertaining to ULC business.

Food & Beverage

The Tutor Workroom/Kitchen (at the back of DE 1056) is available to all tutors for preparing and eating food. Please always clean up any mess that you make in the kitchen and always label anything you leave in the refrigerator.


You are expected to arrive early to ensure that your tutee is not waiting for you while you prepare to start working (arrive at least 5 minutes early). Adhere to your regular schedule of availability and/or your shift. Always contact the ULC Front Desk Staff if you are going to be late.


Whenever you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask a staff member for assistance. Our office staff is always here to help you.

Immediately let the Office Assistant know about any changes to your schedule.