University College

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Students in Transition

The Students in Transition (SIT) program within University College works to connect students who are working to complete prerequisites for a degree program or those who have not yet identified a major, with academic advising and resources to assist them toward their academic goals. Military veterans and other non-traditional students may benefit from working with a University College advisor to help them develop a strategy for academic success and eventual graduation.

Exploratory Transfer Students

Our office helps guide many exploratory transfer students through Orientation and their first few semesters here at UNCW. Many exploratory transfer students are assigned to an academic advisor within University College that helps guide them toward choosing a major.

Transitional Students

Our office also helps to support many current UNCW students that are transitioning between majors. Many students that are transitioning between majors are advised through a consultation process that requires students to examine their goals, identify appropriate majors and potential careers, and formally declare a new major.

Important Steps to Take:

1. Determine your career goals and aspirations.

2. Research, prepare for, and decide on your major(s).

3. Declare or change and transition into your chosen major.

UNCW Organizations & Resources

Students should check their UNCW email accounts regularly for messages about special events, such as Majors Fairs, Career Fairs, and other opportunities to connect with potential employers. Students should also make an effort to learn about student organizations related to their interest areas or experiences. The Campus Activities and Involvement Center is an excellent source of information about these organizations.

Organizations/Resources of note: