UC Registration Tips

Registration is underway and can be stressful.  Rule #1 is to relax.  In preparation for summer & fall registration, here are some quick tips/important reminders! Please take a few moments to review these – they can help save you time and hopefully help you avoid some frustration with the registration process! After reviewing the below, should you still have questions, please email your academic advisor directly.

  • Check Course Modality

    Be sure to confirm your course Modality. A course modality is the instructional delivery method of the course. Follow the link to view information from Fall 2020 that will still apply to Spring 2021 registration.

    How to Find Course Modalities

  • Registration PIN

    Your personalized Registration PIN is located on the registration/educational planning form (highlighted in yellow) that was emailed to you at the completion of your advising meeting.

    If you have not scheduled your advising appointment: 

    Schedule an Advising Appointment

  • Time Ticket

    The day/time that the registration system will first open for you to begin choosing classes. To look up when you time ticket is go to your SeaNet account: Student Services>Registration> Check your registration status>Select Term.  If you have a registration hold it will be listed here as well.

    How to find your Time Ticket

  • Registration Error

    If you email your advisor or the Registrar (registrar@uncw.edu) about a registration error, it is important that you include your 850# and the exact wording of the error message you receive, providing a screenshot is extremely helpful. 

  • Pre-req/Co-req Error

    1) Remember that some lecture/lab courses require that you register for them at the same time.
    2) Read the course description and to see if you have the appropriate pre/co-reqs for the course.  Go to the Undergraduate Catalogue for course descriptions (the year you entered UNCW)

    UNCW Catalogue

  • What to do if courses are full

    1) If a waitlist option is available for the course, you will need to register for the waitlist. Waitlists allow academic departments to see the demand for a course, so it’s important to get on one. Remember not all courses have waitlists.
    2) Keep an eye on the course – people will be adjusting their schedules throughout the registration period, so it’s possible that a seat or two may open up in the course. Check back periodically to see if that occurs. If a seat is available when you check, register for it!