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UNI 201 Peer Mentors

During transitions it is important to have multiple layers of support. One of the most important forms of support during this time is provided by peers. Each UNI 201 student is assigned a Transfer Peer Mentor who shares their experience of transferring to UNCW. Transfer Peer Mentors attend every UNI 201 class session and serve to help transfers make a successful transition.

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Transfer Peer Mentors are successful at UNCW!

Congratulations to Madison for winning the 2015 Margaret W. Lippitt Scholarship Cornerstone Award


Congratulations to Monate Willis for winning the 2015 Rachel Freeman Servant Leadership Cornerstone Award, Senior Medallion Award, Most Outstanding Student in Exercise, and his recent promotion to staff sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Picture taken from Star News, June 2, 2015