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UNCW's Inaugural First-Year Studies Conference

In an effort to broaden the conversation on first-year students at UNCW, this new annual conference is designed to provide a forum for UNCW faculty, staff, administrators and graduate students to share their experiences, research, ideas, programs, and tools integral to the learning, growth and successful transition of first-year students.

The conference will be held in the Fisher Student Center and Warwick at UNCW on Friday April, 13, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All university faculty, staff, administrators and graduate students are invited to attend.


Registration for the Inaugural FYS Conference is now closed. Registration check-in will occur between 8:30-9;00 a.m in Warwick on April 13, 2018.

Example Topics

Bridging generational gaps in a Transfer Student Seminar

Using assessment to develop high-impact programs for first-year students

Using your first year experience story to connect with students

The impact of Greek Life on the first year student transition

Top down: How government policy impacts first-year students

Knock, knock, who’s there: The first year housing experience

Involving peer mentors in educational initiatives

Road maps to success: Is there one?

Exploring teaching tools and technology to enhance learning

Call for Proposal Submissions

We invite all UNCW faculty, staff, and graduate students to submit proposals addressing any topic pertinent to the first year of college. Proposals will be reviewed by the First-Year Studies Team and will be selected based on relevance to first-year experience, appropriateness to session type, contribution to existing body of knowledge, creativity, and ability to engage attendees.

Proposal Deadline

The proposal deadline for the spring 2018 Conference was Friday, February 9, 2018 at 6:00pm. 

Session Types

There are three submission types: concurrent sessions, poster sessions, facilitated discussions.

Concurrent Session

Concurrent sessions are 50 minutes in length (40 minutes of formal presentation and 10 minutes of discussion). This session type is best for those presenting research, an institutional program/initiative, or emerging trends.

Poster Session

Poster submissions provide a talking point and an opportunity for collegial engagement. All posters should present information in a concise and visual manner.

Facilitated Discussions

Facilitated discussions are 50 minutes in length and should incorporate open discussion surrounding a central issue or theme. This type of session should encourage collaborative learning by providing an opportunity to share ideas.