University College

Rules for First-Year Film Festival (F4)

  • First, we want you to have fun and help other people learn about your first year experience through your film. Remember this is a positive and fun contest for first-year students and students need to adhere to the rules to have their film shown at The Premiere.
  • Your film is a reflection of all UNCW students and could potentially be shown on the UNCW website. The audience will be larger than just fellow students. Parents, potential high school, or transfer students and even the Chancellor could potentially watch your video.
  • Students must adhere by the Code of Student Life and Academic Honor Code at UNCW. This means you should make sure everything in your video is legal and adheres to the honor code. This is your chance to make something original! If you use any material from someone else, cite it!
  • No alcohol, drugs, or other illegal activities (either real or simulated) are permitted. No profanity either! You can bleep, but keep it G or PG. Also do not violate local, state and/or federal law.
  • Sexual innuendo or scenes are not permitted. Imagine you are showing this video to your mom or very conservative grandmother. If you wouldn't show it to your mom or grandmother, then don't film it.
  • Maximum length of video is 5 minutes, which includes credits. Movies longer than 5 minutes will be disqualified and not shown. Keep it short and to the point and you can always thank the thousands of people who helped you with your film in an acceptance speech.
  • Any films turned in with improper formatting will be returned for reformatting.
  • Movies will be judged by the rubric here.
  • Other factors will be taken into consideration for judging, including but not limited to: Acting, Execution, and Audio
  • We reserve the right to reject or return for re-editing any submission that doesn't comply with the above guidelines.
  • Questions can be sent to
  • Rules were based off of Duke University's Froshlife Film Festival Rules