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Academic Appeal Information


It is not the preference of University College to dismiss students and we understand there are many reasons why students are not academically successful. Sometimes it may be beneficial to take time away from school and reflect on the reasons for your academic challenges in order to develop strategies to improve academic performance. However, if you believe that your academic challenges that resulted in a low GPA were due to an extenuating circumstance, you may choose to appeal your academic dismissal.

If you choose to appeal, you will need to complete the University College Dismissal Appeals form:

UC Dismissal Appeal

Academic Appeals are due no later than December 31, 2021 by 5:00 pm.

The form will require that you provide the information below.

Contact Information

  • Name
  • ID#
  • UNCW Email Address

Advising Meetings

  • Name of Academic Advisor
  • Date of last meeting with advisor
  • Overview of last meeting

Explanation of Circumstances
You will be asked to write a narrative for two questions. It is recommended that you write your narrative in a word processing document and cut and paste your final work into the survey to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

  1. Describe the extenuating circumstances that contributed to your GPA falling below the minimum university eligibility standards.
  2. Describe how the circumstances that caused your difficulties will change and allow you to be successful this coming academic term if your appeal is granted.

Academic Plan

  • Courses planning to take next semester
  • Changes to career path and how it may have affected your academic standing

Academic Information

  • Cumulative (Overall) GPA
  • Spring term GPA
  • Total credit hours taken at UNCW
  • Total hours including AP and transfer credit
  • Factors that affected your academic career
  • Workshops attended
  • Peer mentoring visits


If physical or psychological health concerns contributed to your academic challenges, documentation must be included with the appeal. This may include letters from medical providers, verification of hospital visits/stays, or other documented proof of physical or psychological health concerns. Please send these documents as attachments to All supporting documentation must be received by December 31, 2021 at 5:00 pm to be considered by the UC Appeals Committee. Providing medical documentation does not guarantee that the appeal will be granted. 

Please remember to use excellent grammar when writing your appeal letter as this is the only representation of your situation you can provide the appeals committee.

Your appeal will be reviewed by the UC Appeals Committee and notification will be sent via email by 12:00 pm on January 7, 2022 to your UNCW email account. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee your eligibility for re-enrollment. Appeal decisions are final.  If your appeal is granted, you will be on academic probation and restricted to 14 credits hours in the spring semester. You will be required to participate in an academic intervention and retention program.

If you have any additional questions about this process, please contact your University College academic advisor.