University College

General Education Curriculum

All UNCW students must complete the university general education curriculum known as "University Studies" before graduating. These courses add to the liberal art focus at UNCW and provide students with a variety of skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

Even with an Associate's Degree, you may have other University Studies (general education) requirements to meet for graduation. If you don't have your Associate's degree, you may have several to still take. This must be taken before graduation, although many students prefer to start their first semester with some of these courses with their major classes.

For a list of University Studies requirements, required of all students, visit and view the University Studies videos (Foundations & Approaches.)

If you have your AA/AS, you will be meeting requirements for all categories EXCEPT the following. If you have taken the exact equivalent of these courses or courses within the categories, you will not have to take them.

  • PED 101: Many EC students take PE and health courses at their schools, but you must have taken the PED 101 equivalent (PED 110/111/112 at the community college) to earn credit.
  • Foreign Language - must take 101-102 sequence in language other than high school language OR take up to 201 proficiency if you are continuing the language you took in high school. Many EC students only take the 101 and 102 courses (111/112 at the community colleges) and will need to take the 201 course at UNCW. You may want to take the 201 equivalent while in your Early College program.
  • UNI 101: First-Year Seminar: If you were admitted as a Freshman, you are required to take UNI 101 in your first semester (exceptions for Isaac Bear Early College graduates). If you took an ACA course during Early College, it does not transfer as this course. This course includes information on campus resources, major / career exploration, skills and strategies for university success, and is great way to meet other new students. You should register for one of the special sections noted for Early College students if possible. If you were admitted as a Transfer student, you are not required to take this course, but you might want to consider either UNI 101 (Early College section) or UNI 201: Transfer Seminar. Both courses will give you needed credit towards graduation requirements in Information Literacy and/or Writing Intensive Competencies. Ask an advisor if you have questions. 
  • Living in our Diverse Nation or Living in a Global Society category (see choices on Univ Studies list) - unless you have taken exact equivalent courses. One of these categories will be automatically waived.
  • Competencies, Cluster, Capstone, and Explorations Beyond the Classroom - these classes are often covered within a student's major but may not be. Advisors can review this information with you.

Advisors can assist you in determining what University Studies courses you still need for graduation. These can also be viewed on your Degree Audit once you have sent in your transcripts from previous colleges.