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Foreign Travel for Students

Foreign Travel consists of Alaska, Hawaii and all Foreign Countries. All international travel must be authorized by the budget authority, supervisor/department head, traveler and Vice Chancellor/Chancellor before the trip takes place. If international travel is being paid by a grant fund, the Grant Officer will need to approve the travel as well. Foreign Travel status begins when the student leaves the Continental US and remains in effect until the student returns to the Continental US. Any expenses that are incurred during the trip within the Continental United States will have out of state rates applied to the expenses. Foreign travel follows normal rules and regulations of the University travel policies. Foreign travel reimbursements and prepaid items must follow the same guidelines as regular travel - original receipts, explanations for deviancies from policy or unusual circumstances, etc.

Per Diem Rates and Lodging Rates

Foreign meal per diem is determined by the destination of the trip. Foreign meal per diems and lodging rates can be found on the U.S. Department of State website. Meal per diems are relative to location. If in the US or on a flight into or out of the US at meal time, the traveler will be reimbursed at the appropriate out of state or in-state meal per diem.

How to Process an International Travel

When entering the travel into Chrome River make sure to select the correct Foreign Country. This will affect rates and the routing if not completed properly. Once the travel Pre-Approval has been entered and approved you are set until the traveler's return, unless you have expenses that will need to be prepaid before the trip.

Once the traveler has returned from the trip, receipts in foreign currency must be converted to US dollars. This can be done using the conversion tool in Chrome River or you can use the Oanda website ( and upload the proof of conversion. You will use the actual date on the receipt that the payment was made to convert. (Example: the traveler stayed 3 days in a hotel in England - you will use the date of check out or the date payment was made to convert, not each day of the stay).

If any receipts are in another language please translate to the side of the receipt.

photoWire and Draft

If the trip requires a payment in a foreign currency or you choose to pay by a wire or draft, please enter the the payment into Chrome River selecting wire as check handling. You will then need to complete a wire/draft form with additional information. This form can be found on the General Accounting Website. Please upload the supporting documentation and the wire/draft form to the expense report. We will process and forward to General Accounting. For additional information on wires and drafts please see the General Accounting website.

Additional information for Foreign Travelers

The University relies on information from the U.S. Department of State-Travel Advisories for travel warnings issued periodically by the agency and information from the U.S. Disease Control. Please visit both of these websites to keep up with such matters as health conditions, crime, unusual entry requirements, and areas of instability and the location of the nearest U.S embassy in subject country. Please see our list of additional links on the right side of our site for more information.

Additional UNCW Contacts for Foreign Travel
Additional UNCW Contacts

Export Controls

Leanne Prete-pretel 962-7774


Kristy Burnette - burnettek, 962-2220

Passports - 962-2432