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FY 2020 Year End Deadlines


Purchased Agency Airfare, Enterprise Car Rental and Local Lodging
Transactions posted by Bank of America by 5pm on Thursday, June 18th and reconciled by campus departments by 5pm on Friday, June 19th will be paid from FY2020.  Direct questions to Sandy Gladden at or ext. 24217.

Visa Travel Card
Transactions posted by Bank of America by 5pm on Thursday, June 18th and reconciled by campus departments by 5pm on Friday, June 19thwill be paid from FY2020. Direct questions to Sandy Gladden at or ext. 24217.

Travel Reimbursements
Travel reimbursements to be paid from FY2020 must be submitted and approved in Chrome River by 10:45am on Friday, June 5th.  Direct questions to Sandy Gladden at or ext. 24217.

Check Requests
All electronic AP check requests to be paid from FY2020 must be submitted and approved in Chrome River by 10:45am on Friday, June 5th Direct questions to Sandy Gladden at or ext. 24217.

Any approved expense reports received in the Chrome River queue by June 5th will be paid in this fiscal year.  After June 5th expense reports will be processed on a first in, first paid order with no guarantees of being paid this fiscal year.  As always, we will process as many as possible before the last check run of the year.  Please be sure all expense reports and support documentation are accurate to avoid any delays in processing. 




The link above provides guidance to university travelers whose travel was pre-approved and travel expenses have been incurred prior to the campus update.  

For future travel that has not been routed for supervisor and budget authority approval, please refer to the campus update.   

 Questions concerning whether travel is essential or non-essential should be directed to your Vice Chancellors, Deans or Directors. 

 If you have additional travel questions related to the link above, please contact Sandy Gladden, Travel and Direct Pay Supervisor, at or 910.962.4217


Maupin Travel 

Real ID

  • In 2005, The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress to set the standards for the minimum security standards for the issuance of identification, such as a driver’s license. Beginning on October 1, 2020 all travelers boarding an aircraft who are 18 years or older will be required to present a REAL-ID compliant driver’s license or another acceptable form of ID to fly within the U.S.  As this date is quickly approaching, please remind your travelers to check for the gold star to ensure they will not encounter any issues traveling in late 2020. If a traveler does not have a REAL-ID, please encourage them to complete the processes quickly, as the lines at DMV’s are expected to grow as the date approaches. The TSA Website provides additional details regarding the REAL-ID.

Basic Economy

  • As a reminder, Basic Economy flights can only be booked directly with our team of advisors versus through the online booking tool. As Basic Economy flights are not business travel friendly due to their restrictions on changes, cancellations, and seat assignments, our team prohibits these fares from appearing on the online booking tool so that a traveler does not accidentally book without knowing their restrictions. Should a traveler wish to book a Basic Economy fare, our team is happy to assist with the reservation.


Enterprise Vehicle Pick Up

We are pleased to announce some changes and clarification to our Enterprise Vehicle Program!

  • When university business travel begins before normal business hours (i.e. prior to 8am), travelers can pick up their rental vehicles from Enterprise the night before.
  • Vehicle rental period begins when the key and/or the vehicle are picked up from Enterprise. Be aware that depending on when you pick up and return the key and/or vehicle determines how many days Enterprise will charge for the rental.
  • Damage Waiver and Liability Protections are effective when the traveler takes possession of the key and/or rental vehicle. 

Please contact Sandy Gladden at if you have any questions.


Travel Rate Change Effective July 1, 2019

Per the Office of State Budget and Management maximum reimbursable subsistence payments for state employees' in-state and out-of-state travel have been revised effective July 1, 2019

For day trips no meals will be allowed to be claimed for reimbursement.  To receive reimbursement for meals the trip must include overnight travel and be more than 35 miles from your duty station.  On the day that you leave for an overnight trip the lunch time has changed.  Now if you leave by noon for an overnight trip you will be eligible to claim lunch. Please contact the Chrome River Team if you have any questions.

The following list details the new rates of subsistence per day for travel related expenses.

Allowable Subsistence Expense

Per Diem Rates
In State Out Of State


New Change in Personal Mileage Rate Effective January 1, 2020

 Per the NC Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) for travel beginning January 1, 2020, personal mileage will be reimbursed as follows: 

 If a state employee (any traveler) chooses to use a personal vehicle, actual mileage is reimbursable. Mileage is measured from the closer of duty station or point of departure to destination (and return). A state employee (any traveler) shall be reimbursed the business standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service (57.5 cents per mile effective January 1, 2020) when using their personal vehicle for state business when the round trip does not exceed 100 miles per trip. For business travel trips that utilize personal vehicles and the round trip exceeds 100 miles per trip, the traveler shall be reimbursed at a rate that would not exceed 33 cents per mile for the entire mileage. 

 It is the intent of the State that state employee travel shall be conducted in the most efficient manner and at the lowest and most reasonable cost to the state. With regard to passenger vehicle travel, whether in or out of state, agency travel policies shall:

  • Maximize utilization of state owned vehicles (agency-owned or agency-assigned vehicles owned by the Dept of Administration),
  • Make use of State term contracts for short term rentals (i.e. Enterprise under State Term Contract 975B Vehicle Rental Services), and
  • Reimburse for use of personal vehicles on a limited basis in situations when the use of state owned vehicles or state term contract rental vehicles (i.e. Enterprise) are not readily available.

Insurance Coverage for International Business Travel

All faculty/staff traveling on international university business have the option of purchasing international travel insurance before the trip.  Contact the Institutional Risk Management Office at extension 2-5974 and they can explain to you the differences between the regular state plan and th special coverage for international travel.  U.S. Citizens traveling abroad should register their travel through the Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.  In addition to receiving updates on travel alerts and warnings, you can receive assistance in situations ranging from replacement of lost passports to evacuation during natural disasters.

Important Chrome River Information

When entering the Report Name in the Pre Approvals and the Expense Reports, please enter only letters and numbers.  Banner has difficulty recognizing characters other that the letters and numbers.  Please if you have any questions regarding this contact Sandy Gladden in the Chrome River office at 962-4217 or

Chrome River Enhancements

Chrome River Welcome Page has a new section which should be viewed daily for any system updates or important information.

The Delegates will start receiving an email notification for Unused Firm Paid Items (credit card charges in the eWallet).  In the past only the Expense Owner received this notification.


All Date Fields on the Pre-Approval and Expense Reports will need to be manually filled in.  One exception is on the Pre-Approval Header page where the current date is still being populated.  Please change to the correct travel dates.  Also, a reminder that when entering Invoices in an AP Check Request please use the date of the invoice.

Report ID and Status are now displayed on Draft, Returned, and Submitted Dashboards.

Email Receipt to Another User’s eWallet

Users now have the ability to email receipts to the eWallet of another user by entering his or her email address as the subject of the email. The sender will receive an email confirmation that details who the image was sent to. For example, if User A snaps a photo of a taxi receipt on behalf of User B, User A simply forwards it to with User B’s email address as the subject line. User B will then see the receipt in their eWallet the next time they log into Chrome River. Note that the receipt must be sent from a user’s primary or alternate email address stored in Chrome River, and the subject line must contain an address that is the other user’s primary or alternate email address in Chrome River. And both users must work for the same Chrome River customer.


The New EHI Direct

Enterprise Rental Car Agency has launched a new booking tool called EHI Direct. The link to the booking tool can be found on the Chrome River homepage.

  • University employees wishing to rent a vehicle are required to create a user profile through EHIDirect by contacting Kellie Smith or Sandy Gladden
  • Do not register for free online.
  • The EHIDirect email will include a link to continue setting up your profile and password
  • Once you have a profile established under UNCW, you are ready to book reservations through EHIDirect. 

Please note, the EHIDirect system is to be used for vehicle rental reservations only; employees who are traveling for University business purposes should not utilize the flight or hotel reservation functions in EHIDirect.

For questions or assistance with using EHIDirect, contact


Change in Third Party Lodging

There has been a change in Third Party Lodging. OSBM now considers all campgrounds and campsites including National and State Parks as Third Party Lodging, regardless if under the state rate. Airbnb is also considered Third Party Lodging by OSBM. Third Party Lodging refers to establishments that are being rented out by a third party or an establishment treated as an apartment building by state or local law. Third Party Lodging Requests must be submitted and approved before the trip begins. If submitted after the fact, there is a risk that the Third Party Lodging Request would not be approved by OSBM, therefore we would not be able to reimburse for that lodging.


Chrome River Training

Below is a list of training dates.  To register for a training class log into the Finance Training System since seats are limited for each class. Click here  to register for the time that you would like to attend training.  If you have any questions please contact Sandy Gladden at

Chrome River Classes
Date Time Location
May 7, 2020 8:00am-12:00pm Hoggard 125
June 25, 2020 1:00pm-5:00pm Hoggard 125


Travel Card Training

To learn about your responsibilities for a Travel Card, you can sign up for one of the Travel Card classes offered by the Travel Office.  All Card Holders and delegates must attend Travel Card Training before the card will be issued.

To register for the Travel Card training session, please follow instructions found here. This link will bring you to the Finance Training registration site.  If you have any questions, please contact Kellie Smith at

Travel Card Classes
Date Time Location
May 22, 2020 9:00am-10:30am Admin Annex 1002
June 2020 No Classes in June