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Procedures for Student Groups

Travel Pre-Approval

Before an employee can travel on Official Business for the University with a Student Group, they should have a pre-approval completed and approved for each trip. All student group travel that is paid entirely by the faculty/staff member should be processed in Chrome River under the Faculty/staff pre-approval. When a student group trip is handled this way there should be NO travel expenses reimbursed to the students. If students are going to be reimbursed for any expenses then we cannot handle the trip this way. In the per-approval and expense report for the faculty/staff member there needs to be a list all the students going on the trip. The pre-approval should include the following information: date, destination, purpose, funds, and all expenses for the trip. Pre-approvals must be processed for all travelers, even if not requesting a travel prepayment or reimbursement.

All pre-approvals require the approval of the following people:

  • Traveler
  • Traveler's immediate supervisor
  • Budget Authority for all funds being charged
  • Grant Officer if a grant fund is being charged
  • Chancellor/Vice Chancellor for all travel outside the US, including travel to Alaska and Hawaii


Prepaid expenses are an option available to University Employees. The following may be paid directly to the vendor in advance of the trip.

  • Agency Airfare
    1. Contact Travel Agency from our approved list to select an airfare for the employee and the students.
    2. Once airfare is selected by the traveler you are to enter the airfare information in Chrome River  Click on the Airfare tile.
    3. Select the Travel Agency that you made the arrangements with from the drop down.
    4. Select Paid By - Travel Office
    5. Enter the departure and return dates of the flight
    6. Enter the dollar amount including the agency fee
    7. Submit Pre-Approval
    8. Once the approval process is completed, the Travel Office will notify the agency to purchase the ticket.
    9. In order to purchase the students' airfare for a student group trip you will need to send the Travel Office an email listing the students' names, dates of travel, reference the travel authorization number of the faculty/staff's travel, amount per ticket, fund, account code and approval from the budget authority of the fund being charged.
    10. Once the Travel Office has received the information we will give approval to the travel agency to purchase the tickets.
  • *Please note if personal time is included with the travel you will need to get a quote from the travel agency showing the cost for the business dates only. This will need to be submitted in Chrome River. If the ticket including the personal time is more than the business time the employee will have to pay the University the difference before the ticket is purchased.

  • Registration
    1. Once the Pre-Approval has been created and approved, an expense report will need to be created in Chrome River to pay the Registration in advance.
    2. The agenda, schedule of fees and registration form should be attached to the expense report in Chrome River
    3. After everyone has approved the expense report in Chrome River the check will be processed in the next check run.
  • *Please note that meals included in the registration fee will be excluded from the traveler's reimbursement per diem, even if the traveler did not attend the meal function.

  • Lodging
    1. Once the Pre-Approval has been created and approved, an expense report will need to be created in Chrome River to pay the Lodging in advance.
    2. All Third Party Rentals should be approved by the OSBM before the trip and the approval should be uploaded in the expense report.
    3. After everyone has approved the expense report in Chrome River the check will be processed in the next check run.

For additional details about agency airfare and registration please visit our webpage designated for these topics.

Travel Reimbursement Expense Report

Once the trip is over it is time to create the travel reimbursement. All expenses that the Faculty/Staff paid out of pocket (allowable travel expenses) should be included on the travel reimbursement in Chrome River.

  1. Update the departure/return dates and times that are listed on the pre-approval.
  2. Enter all expenses that the traveler incurred during their trip.
  3. Attach/upload all supporting documentation.
  4. Submit the reimbursement expense report.
  5. Once Submitted the expense report will route for approval by the traveler and budget authority. If the funding is a grant, then approval of the grant officer is also required.  If the lodging has excess lodging it will also route to the supervisor for approval.
  6. Once the Travel Reimbursement Expense Report has been approved by everyone the check will be processed in the next check run.  

Expenses paid by someone else

If someone besides the traveler paid for the expenses then the traveler can not get reimbursed for those expenses. These expenses will need to be reimbursed to the person who paid for the expenses after the trip takes place. To do this you will need to enter these expenses under the travelers name. The expense report should be made payable to the person who paid for the expenses. After entering the expenses and uploading the supporting documentation, attach the pre-approval to the expense report and submit the expense report in Chrome River. Once approved the check will be printed in the next check run.

Travel Reimbursement Deadline

Please keep in mind that the state requires all travel reimbursements to be submitted/received in the Travel Office within 30 calendar days from the return date.