Non-Employee Travel

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Registration for Non-Employees

There is only one option for paying a registration for a non-employee. The non-employee must pay for the registration and get reimbursed after the trip. Registration fees paid by the traveler before the trip will be reimbursed after the trip has taken place and travel is completed. Any meals included in the registration fee will be excluded from the traveler's per diem reimbursement, even if the traveler did not attend the meal function.

Prepaid Registration

The University does not prepay any registration expenses for non-employees.

How to Process a Registration if someone besides the Traveler paid for it.

In order to create a check request reimbursing someone else, the following steps will need to be completed:

  • Complete the pre-approval in Chrome River before the trip.
  • Submit the expense report payable to the person that paid the expense
  • Upload the paid receipt which shows the other person paid for the registration
  • After the approval process, reimbursement will be mailed by check or sent by direct deposit for the person that paid.


Reimbursement for a Registration

Reimbursement for a registration the non-employee paid for will be handled as part of the entire reimbursement for the trip. This should be entered first in the pre-approval and upon return the expense report can be submitted.  In order to be reimbursed for the registration fee the following is required:

  • Original receipt showing payment of the registration fee, the fee schedule, any additional expenses, and the traveler's name is required.
  • Web receipts are acceptable if they include the same information as above, as well as the name of the organization that received the payment.
  • Include a copy of the conference agenda or brochure that shows whether meals or other expenses were included with the registration fee. Meals that are part of a registration will be excluded from the travel reimbursement meal per diem, even if the traveler did not attend.
  • If an original paid receipt for the registration is not available, a faxed or emailed copy of the receipt from the conference with a written explanation from the traveler as to why the fax or email was necessary.
  • If someone other than the traveler pays for the registration fee, that person will have to be reimbursed for the registration expense.  We will need the paid registration receipt that shows the traveler's name and the name of the person that paid.