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All meals are reimbursed based on state set per diem rate. The meal per diem applies to all travelers whether they are employees, students or non employees. Receipts are not required to be reimbursed for your meals, since we only pay per diem. All tips for meals are included in the per diem rate allowed. Reimbursement for meals is normally allowed only when overnight travel is involved and when the travel destination is located at least 35 miles from the employee's regularly assigned duty station or home, which ever is less.

Meals you are eligible for

Meal eligibility is based on your specific departure and arrival dates and times on your travel authorization form and on the travel reimbursement form. Below is a list.

On Day Trips if you
Breakfast Depart before 6 a.m. and extend the day by 2 hours
Lunch No lunch reimbursement on day trips
Dinner Return after 8 p.m. and extend the day by 3 hours
For Breakfast and Dinner Depart before 6 a.m. and return after 8 p.m. and extend your day by 5 hours
On Overnight Trips
Breakfast Depart before 6 a.m.
Lunch Depart before 10 a.m. or return after 2 p.m.
Dinner Depart before 5 p.m. or return after 8 p.m.

How to process meals on Paper Travel Reimbursement

To enter meals you must go the column Subsistence and choose which meals you would like to reimburse the non-employee based on what they are eligible for. Enter all meals that should be reimbursed . If any meals were included with the registration fee remove the meal, as it can not be claimed for reimbursement. When foreign travel is involved, foreign meal per diem rates do not start until the traveler arrives in the foreign country on the departing flight.

photoBusiness Entertainment

If the traveler is taken out by an employee as a group of people for a meal to conduct business then a Business Entertainment form must be completed. An original itemized receipt for the meal and business entertainment form must be submitted with the employee getting reimbursed. Any meals claimed as business entertainment can not be claimed under regular per diem meals for non-employees. When entering the business entertainment expenses into E-Travel there should be a regular check request submitted payable to the employee with a notice on the paper travel that the non-employee was part of th business entertainment. Business Entertainment can not be claimed by a Non-Employee however they can be part of the group out to eat.

Current Meal Per Diem Rates

The Office of State Budget and Management revised the meal per diem rates as of July 1, 2015.

In-State Out of State Foregin


$8.40 U.S. Department of State


$11.00 U.S. Department of State


$21.60 U.S. Department of State