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Lodging for Non-Employees

Depending on which option you choose as your payment option you will process lodging as follows below.

Pre-Paid Lodging Directly Paid by UNCW

When this option is chosen for lodging you will need to use the LOCAL HOTELS process.

The Travel Office will give approval to the hotel directly to charge the room and tax on an assigned credit card. All the dept needs to do is contact the hotel to make the arrangements, and complete a Pre-Approval.

For your convenience we have created a page called Local Hotels on the main page of the Travel website. Here you will find a listing of the hotels participating in this program. This web page includes contact information, pricing and amenities for each hotel in our area.

Below are the steps for the Local Hotel procedure:

  • Department contacts hotel to make arrangements for guest staying at hotel
  • Department completes the Pre-Approval:
    • Hotel Name
    • Paid by Travel Office
    • Total Cost for room and tax (upgrades, internet and other amenities are not allowed as with all lodging)
    • Dates of reservation (attach reservation confirmation from hotel)
    • Fund and Account
  • Travel Office will review the form and provide the hotel with the authorization for payment. Only room rate and tax are included
  • When the guest checks out of the hotel, the portfolio/receipt will be e-mailed to the Travel Office and the delegate for the traveler.

For any questions please contact Kellie Smith at or Sandy Gladden at

How to enter Lodging if the Non-Employee needs to be Reimbursed

When entering lodging expenses in the expense report select the lodging tile. The Non-Employee will be the payee. This was an out of pocket expense for the traveler and they will receive a check once it has been approved. Remember we only reimburse for lodging plus any taxes & fees.
If someone besides the traveler paid for the lodging expense, it should be made payable to the person that paid for the lodging after the trip takes place.

3rd Party Lodging

There has been a change in Third Party Lodging. OSBM now considers all campgrounds and campsites including National and State Parks as Third Party Lodging, regardless if under the state rate. Airbnb is also considered Third Party Lodging by OSBM. Third Party Lodging refers to establishments that are being rented out by a third party or an establishment treated as an apartment building by state or local law. Third Party Lodging Requests must be submitted and approved before the trip begins. If submitted after the fact, there is a risk that the Third Party Lodging Request would not be approved by OSBM, therefore we would not be able to reimburse for that lodging.
Third party lodging is no longer allowed unless approved by OSBM before the trip begins. Third party lodging refers to an establishment that is being rented out by a third party or an establishment treated as an apartment building by state or local law. This means the only lodging allowable is in a hotel or motel. Any apartment or house rental will not be allowed unless OSBM approves beforehand.
For example, if the traveler chooses to stay in an apartment, house or other type of facility other than a regular hotel or motel the traveler must complete the following procedures prior to making lodging arrangements.

Process to request an exception to the Policy

The traveler will need to provide a memo to the Travel Office including:
  • OSBM Exception Form filled out completely
  • Purpose of having to rent the establishment
  • Provide evidence of savings to the state
  • Amount of the rental
  • Length of stay
  • List of everyone staying on the property
  • Funding source being used (fund number)
  • Copy or Rental Agreement from the Third Party Lodging Property
  • The traveler must attest in writing that there is no conflict of interest (no family members own the property or benefit financially from the rental)
  • Three printed comparisons for 3 hotel/motels in the area (from websites such as, etc) must accompany the Third Party Lodging Request.

**Please forward the above information to the Travel Office at 


photoDocumentation Required for Reimbursement for Lodging

An original itemized paid receipt from a commercial lodging establishment showing the cost of the room and taxes per night. The receipt must show a zero balance.
Lodging arrangements booked online through a vendor such as Orbitz, Travelocity, etc. are subject to the same rules as above. The following items are required:
  • The original online receipt confirming reservation and showing payment, with breakdown of the cost of the room and taxes each night, the number of nights and the number of guests.

  • Receipts are not normally given by the commercial lodging establishment except for the other expenses billed directly such as internet connection fees, phone calls, etc. If these expenses are to be claimed by the traveler, the original receipt from the lodging establishment must be submitted.

  • If you order a package deal through a third party online vendor you will need to get individual quotes for each expense from the same vendor. If the package deal is for more than one person the quote must be for one person.

    Ex: the package deal from Orbitz includes lodging and airfare for 3 people. Get a quote from Orbitz for airfare for one person for the business dates with the same airlines as the package deal. Get a separate quote from Orbitz for lodging for one person for the business dates from the same hotel as the package deal. If the comparison quotes are lower for a single flight or lodging expense we can only reimburse at the single rates.

Current Rates For Lodging

The allowable lodging rate is set by the Office of State Budget and Management. Below you will find the current subsistence rates. If your lodging rate is higher than the below rate, it must be approved by the Budget Authority and Supervisor. Also justification must be provided in the form of a document showing that no other hotels had the current rate available.
NC State Lodging Rates In State and Out of State
Current Reimbursement Rate


$75.10  per night


$88.70 per night


Department of State