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Travel for Non-Employees

All expenses for a non-employee should be claimed on that individual's own travel authorization and never on anyone else's. A travel authorization should be completed and approved prior to the beginning day of business travel. Travel expenses for family members of non-employees are not reimbursable.

Who is a Non-Employee?

  • A Prospective Employee that is currently being recruited by UNCW
  • An employee of another governmental jurisdiction (local or federal)

How to process travel for a Non-Employee

Non-Employee must be set up in Chrome River using the New Vendor form. Then you need to create a Pre-approval before the travel occurs.  Once the travel is complete you will complete an expense report to reconcile charges and request reimbursement all supporting documentation should be uploaded into Chrome River.

For additional information on how to process travel please see the individual expenses under the type of travel.

Friendly Reminders

  • Original reimbursement and backup documents are required to be uploaded into Chrome River.
  • Travelers are allowed one day of travel before the beginning of a conference and one day of travel after the conclusion of a conference.
  • All travel reimbursements should be completed within 15 days of return, however it must be submitted to the travel office within 30 calendar days from the return date.