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Procedures for Independent Contractor

Travel Pre-Approval

Before an Independent Contractor can come to campus for Official Business for the University the PUR 1.40 must be completed and approved.

All PUR 1.40 forms require the approval of the following people:

  • Independent Contractor
  • Department Head or Chairperson
  • Budget Authority for all funds being charged
  • Grant Officer if a grant fund is being charged
  • Tax Compliance Office
  • Human Resources

Before an independent contractor can travel on official business for the university, they should have a travel pre-approval completed and approved for each trip. The travel pre-approval should include the following information: date, destination, business purpose, funds and all expenses that the trip will cost. Travel pre-approval must be processed for all travelers, even if not requesting a travel prepayment or reimbursement.

All travel pre-approvals require the approval of the following people:

  • Traveler
  • Traveler's immediate supervisor
  • Budget Authority for all funds being charged
  • Grant Officer if a grant fund is being charged
  • Chancellor/Vice Chancellor for all travel outside the US, including travel to Alaska and Hawaii

*If the independent contractor is from outside the United States a Foreign National Form needs to be completed and submitted to the Tax Compliance Office before the travel begins.


Prepaid expenses are only available for airfare.  The following may be paid directly to the vendor in advance of the trip.

  • Agency Airfare
    1. Contact Travel Agency from our approved list to select an airfare.
    2. Once airfare is selected by the traveler you are to enter the airfare information in Chrome River  Click on the Airfare tile.
    3. Select the Travel Agency that you made the arrangements with from the drop down.
    4. Select Paid By - Travel Office
    5. Enter the departure and return dates of the flight
    6. Enter the dollar amount including the agency fee
    7. Submit Pre-Approval
    8. Once the approval process is completed, the Travel Office will notify the agency to purchase the ticket.
  • * Please note if personal time is included with the travel you will need to get a quote from the travel agency showing the cost for the business dates only, round trip from traveler's duty station/home to Wilmington. This will need to be submitted to the Travel Office with the Pre-Approval and airfare itinerary. If the ticket including the personal time is more than the business time the employee will have to submit a check to the University for the difference.

  • Lodging
    1. The department can choose to have a direct bill for lodging when bringing in an Independent Contractor.
    2. The dept needs to contact the hotel to make the arrangements
    3. Complete the Pre-Approval including:
      1. Hotel Name
      2. Total Cost for room and tax (upgrades, internet and other amenities are not allowed as with all lodging)
      3. Dates of reservation
      4. Choose Paid By Travel Office in the drop down box
      5. Fund and Account
    4. Caitlin reviews the Pre-Approval and then provides the hotel with the authorization for payment. Only room rate and tax are included
    5. When the guest checks out of the hotel, the portfolio/receipt will be e-mailed to the Travel Office.

For any questions please contact Caitlin Osgood at or Sandy Gladden at

Travel Reimbursement Expense Report

A travel reimbursement for the Independent Contractor can be submitted if the contract included travel reimbursements.  Once the trip is over it is time to create the expense report. All expenses that the independent contractor paid out of pocket (allowable travel expenses) should be included.

  1. Collect all original receipts from the Independent Contractor for reimbursement.
  2. Confirm the dates and times of the trip.
  3. Enter all expenses that the traveler incurred during the trip.
  4. Foreign Currency receipts should be labeled as to what the expense is for and the date it was incurred.
  5. Upload a copy of approved PUR 1.40, along with all the supporting documents to the expense report.
  6. After processing, the traveler will receive a check in the mail or a direct deposit if they are set up for direct deposit.


Expenses paid by someone else

If someone besides the non-employee paid for the expenses then the traveler can not get reimbursed for those expenses. These expenses will need to be reimbursed to the person who paid for the expenses, after the trip takes place. To do this you will need to enter these expenses under the  travelers name. The expense report should be made payable to the person who paid for the expenses. After entering the expenses and uploading the supporting documentation, attach the pre-approval to the expense report and submit the expense report in Chrome River.  Once approved the check will be printed in the next check run. 

Travel Reimbursement Deadline

Please keep in mind that the state requires all travel reimbursements to be submitted/received in the Travel Office within 30 calendar days of the return.