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Forms for Independent Contractor

Paper Travel Authorization Form - This is a pre-numbered form which should be completed before a trip takes place. The Paper Travel Authorization Form must be ordered from Printing Services.

Mileage Log - This form is used for Independent Contractors if they have multiple destinations in the Wilmington area.

Independent Contractors Travel Expenses- This form is used only when a PUR 140 has been completed and approved. The form will be used to process the travel expenses for the Independent Contractor.

PUR 1.40 - This form should be completed before the Independent Contractor comes to campus. The form is in uShop and must be attached with payment for any travel expenses.

New Vendor Set Up  and Maintenance Form - This form will not be effective till July 1, 2017 with Chrome River.  This form should be used to create AP Vendor addresses for employees, non-employees, students and vendors.