Employee Travel

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Taxi costs are a reimbursable expense only.

Allowable Taxi Expenses

  • Travel to/from the airport at Employee's Duty Station
  • Travel to/from the airport at Employee's Destination
  • Travel involving trips other than to and from the airport will be reimbursed when required for official state business.

How to process Taxi Expenses in Chrome River

All taxi expenses should be entered into Chrome River under Ground Transportation and select taxi. Each taxi expense should be entered separately because the receipt date will have to be entered on the reimbursement side of the travel for each taxi trip. Also, if there are any additional taxi expenses besides to/from the airport, please add a note in the comment section explaining the additional trips.  Keep in mind, per State policy, taxi or car service drivers are to be given no more than $5.00 tip per trip.

photoSupporting Documentation

Actual original receipt showing the cost, the date of travel and the name of the taxi/shuttle company is a must in order to be reimbursed.