Office of Title IX & Clery Compliance

Title IX Signature Programs

Please contact Rachael Drexler,, for questions about programs. Please contact Jenna Buyck,, to schedule a program.

Top IX Takeaways: Sexual Misconduct Policy, Process, Procedures & Resources

This Title IX 101 interactive workshop will provide participants with an overview of UNCW’s Title IX Grievance Policy and Student Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy, reporting guidelines, individual responsibility, institutional response, student rights, the investigation process, and campus & community resources for support and advocacy. 50 minutes.

Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Sexual Harassment, Stalking & Gaslighting

This interactive workshop will educate participants about the pervasive nature of sexual harassment in American culture. Participants will review UNCW's definitions of Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Intimidation and Retaliation as outlined in UNCW’s Title IX Grievance Policy and Student Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy. Using popular song lyrics like, Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations, and Movie & TV clips, participants will identify the behaviors and language that may implicate sexual harassment, as well as, analyze scenarios to decipher if a policy violation likely occurred. Participants will be advised of reporting guidelines for when someone experiences or observes sexual harassment within the UNCW community. 50 minutes.

Cultivating a Culture of Consent

This interactive workshop will educate participants about UNCW’s definition of consent. Participants will learn how to ask for consent and gain a greater understanding of what affirmative consent means within the UNCW community. Using Michael J. Domitrz's text, Can I Kiss You: A Thought-Provoking Look at Relationships, Intimacy & Sexual Assault, as a framework, participants will engage in dialogue about common patterns of communication around requests, negotiation, pressure, and coercion. Participants will learn strategies for speaking up and expressing themselves with comfort, clarity and power. This workshop will utilize role-play activity to explore and identify elements of healthy communication and a consensual romantic relationship. 50 minutes.

Seahawk Change Influencers

This interactive workshop will engage participants in dialogue about their individual and shared responsibilities in changing cultural norms around sexual violence. Participants will learn how to promote and enable behavioral change within their sphere of influence and identify strategies on how to foster a safe environment free of gender discrimination and harassment for all campus community members, regardless of sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, gender expression and other protected classes. This workshop will utilize hands-on activities to help participants feel more empowered to be leaders and agents of positive campus change. 50 minutes.

Sexual Misconduct: Masculinity & Societal Norms

Most college students consume two or more forms of media (TV, movies, music, podcasts, social networking platforms) every day. This interactive workshop, open to students of all gender identities, will educate participants about mainstream media and its effects on gender socialization, sexual and romantic scripts, and the normalization of sexual violence. Participants will engage in dialogue and deconstruct societal and cultural stereotypes, tropes, myths and attitudes associated with masculinity and examine the behaviors and conduct that perpetuate and excuse gender-based violence. 50 minutes.

Customized Training

Upon request, the Title IX and Clery Compliance Team will design and facilitate a 50-minute workshop for your audience around a variety of themes, including, but not limited to: changing cultural norms around sexual violence, negotiating affirmative consent, deconstructing sexual violence myths, the role of gender in the socialization of sexual violence, critical consumption of media, promoting a safe gender-equitable campus community, reporting guidelines, resources for support and advocacy, and UNCW’s Title IX Grievance Policy and Student Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy. 50 minutes.