Department of Theatre

Professor Paul Castagno in Theatre recently published this major international work on playwriting with Routledge the leading publisher in Theatre Studies.

Book Cover Collaborative PlaywritingCollaborative Playwriting: Polyvocal Approaches from the EU Collective Plays Project. Edited and Curated by Professor Paul Castagno, Ph.D. Theatre. 

In Collaborative Playwriting, five international collectively written plays apply polyvocal methods in which clash and frisson replace synthesis, a dialogic approach to collective writing that has never before been articulated or documented.

Based on the EU Collective Plays Project, the largest new play project in history, this collection of plays showcases each voice in dialogic tension and in relation to the other voices of the text, offering an entirely novel approach to new play development that challenges the single (and privileged) authorial voice. Castagno’s case-study approach provides five detailed commentaries on each of the various experimental methods, exploring the plays’ processes in detail. The book offers an evolutionary path forward in how to develop new work, thus encouraging and promoting the writing of collective, hybrid plays as having profound benefits for all playwrights.

The ground breaking approaches to playmaking in Collaborative Playwriting will appeal to playwriting programs, instructors, academics, professional playwrights, theaters and new play development programs; as well as courses in gender LGBTQ studies, script analysis, dramaturgy and dramatic literature across the theater studies curricula.

For his lifetime contributions to the field of contemporary playwright, Professor Castagno was winner of the prestigious Oslo International Festival of Acting Award in 2018 and as a result a published festschrift was created in honor of his work on polyvocal playwriting by KHIO, Oslo Academy of Art in Norway.

Professor Castagno helmed one of the collections’ plays, Darkness: The Enemy Inside, written by five Nordic writers and produced by the Theatre Department in November 2019 with videography by Norwegian specialist Sabina Jaccobson.

A book signing at UNCW was planned but tabled due to the pandemic.