Department of Theatre


Student Lab Auditions

Friday, January 29th 5:30 pm
Greenroom CAB 1099

Director’s Message:

For this semester’s UNCW Student Lab production we will be creating a devised piece. This devised piece will be movement and Viewpoints based but will include more than just this. Don’t worry, even if you haven’t taken Devising or Viewpoints you will still be considered in being cast. This will be a new experience for everyone involved but I’m looking forward to working through the challenge of a devised piece with the students who are cast. The whole process will be a collaborative effort and we will create this piece as a true ensemble. All I ask from the actors is to come into the space with an open, creative mind ready to play and experiment!

Audition Material Requirements:

For this audition there is no need to prepare a normal monologue like the mainstage productions require. Instead for our auditions please prepare whatever you think showcases what you can bring to this piece. Some examples can be:
·        a movement piece (whether that means a choreographed dance or a monologue with strong movement usage)
·        a song
·        a monologue (can be longer than 60 seconds)
·        a poem reading
·        a short story

These are only suggestions; you can prepare whatever you feel comfortable and think represents you as an artist.  The only requirement is that you have prepared, written, choreographed, or invented what you bring yourself. You can reach out to Tanner with any questions regarding this. Don’t think of yourself as just an actor for this piece, you are going to have to be an overall performer, artist, and creator. You will have around two minutes to show what you prepared and then the remaining 3 minutes of your audition will consist of a short interview of sorts. So, come ready to talk about what you can bring to the table in a devising room. But again, don’t stress, this will just be so we can get to know you and see if you will be a good fit for the ensemble as a whole.

Make sure you bring a mask and/or shield to wear. And remember when you are waiting to keep a minimum or 6ft between you and the other auditionees. Auditions will then be on a first come first serve basis. You can bring a resume and/or portfolio if you like but they are not required. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to Tanner ( with any specific questions.

Talley's Folly Auditions

Talley’s Folly
By Lanford Wilson

Roles Available:

Matt Friedman-“Forty-two, dark, and rather large. Warm and unhurried, he has a definite talent for mimicry. In his voice there is still a trace of a German-Jewish accent, of which he is probably unaware.”

Sally Talley-“Thirty-one. Light, thin, quite attractive, but in no way glamorous or glamorized. Straightforward and rather tired.” She has a bit of an Ozark accent when she doesn’t focus on not having it.

Understudies for both roles will also be cast. Understudies must commit to the same off-book date as the regular cast.

Auditions will consist of cuttings from the script that will be made available to you, and must be filmed and sent to the director, Kindra Steenerson ( any time beginning the morning of Monday, February 8 thru Friday, February 12 at 10:00 pm. Callbacks will be in-person with the SM (director joining remotely) on Monday, February 15 at 7:00 pm in the CA2005.

**Please note: The off-book date for this show comes very early. You will have to memorize the show prior to receiving blocking. This is non-negotiable. We are working this way both for pedagogical reasons (Meisner approach) and health reasons (ugh, thanks again, Covid!).

Looking forward to seeing you!! Kindra Steenerson