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production photo from Am I Next?
Photo from production of Talley's Folly
production photo from 4:48 Psychosis
Comedy of Errors
The Doctor In Spite of Himself

Welcome to the Department of Theatre

Our goal is to nurture, encourage, support, train and educate the artist in the study and practice of theatre. We train students to pursue a career in the vast field of SHOW BUSINESS. Whether that is in theatre, film, television or a host of other related fields.  Students learn the essential skills needed to be successful. 

  • We educate a new generation of artists through close work with stellar faculty and working theatre & film professionals.

  • We offer students an environment to allow them a space to explore their imagination, hone their techniques and to develop entrepreneurial skills, for a successful career as an artist and artisan.
  • We prepare liberal arts students with skills they learn in theatre studies - teamwork, technique, discipline, research, and innovative thinking - for success in many fields and careers.

  We offer three degree options:

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The UNCW Department of Theatre recognizes that equity, diversity, and inclusion must be addressed on individual and group levels. In our department, we respect and understand that all people are welcome here and have a no tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. Discrimination includes all derogatory, inappropriate, and negative incidents including, but not limited to, words and actions based in personal biases related to race, color, gender, gender identity, national origin/ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, maternity, marital status, indigenous status, social origin, disability, sexual orientation, membership in organizations, and political affiliation.

We are also aware that relations of privilege and oppression are institutionalized on a systemic level and we strive to address the principle of social justice for all. We recognize that society is often unjust, but the University (and its individual members) can play important roles in mitigating these injustices and become a space that better embodies equity, diversity, and inclusion. Thus, UNCW prioritizes equity, diversity, and inclusion in representation, as well as development of personal awareness, and UNCW actively seeks to engage in creating socially-just learning and workplace environments and opportunities.

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