Department of Theatre

Professor Robin Post collaborates with Camp LeJeune

As part of her initiative to build community connections, Assistant Professor Robin Post is instituting an innovative pilot program that brings UNCW theatre students together with active duty military personnel stationed at Camp Lejeune. This Community Engagement and Applied Learning project provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates specializing in performance to test out their acting training in a non-traditional setting, while contributing to the larger mission of the military to respond to and prevent sexual assault.

Undergraduates implement their acting and improvisation skills while simultaneously providing training to members of the Defense Council (DC). The actors are assigned roles as complainants, clients and witnesses while the members of the DC practice their direct and cross-examination skills. Professor Post joins Sue Clemens, HQE East DSO USMC at Camp Lejeune and Major James Argentina, SDC, DSO East USMC in preparing the actors with research and role preparation while the DC members are given interactive training in presentation and the skills needed for effective communication during military court proceedings.

The first of three full day workshops took place on August 5th with two more scheduled later in the month. Post and Clemens see significant benefit for all involved and hope to make it possible for the Camp Lejeune DC to attend on-going programming at UNCW.