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Performance Option

This option offers students pre-professional training in stage and film performance which prepares them for a pluralistic range of outcomes including professional employment in theatre, film or television, future advanced or graduate study, or skills leading to work in allied performance fields of interest.

Performance Teaching Philosophy

The mission of UNCW Theatre Department's Performance Option is aligned with the mission statement of the University when it comes to training young performers: "Commitment to student engagement, creative inquiry, critical thinking, and thoughtful expression." In line with the Theatre Department's own mission statement, it is our goal to provide high level education and training in the performing arts utilizing the liberal arts as our touchstone. Within this context our training philosophy is dedicated to fostering truthful and present performance that is rooted in the core concepts of Stanislavsky with a focus on body/voice connection that is facilitated through the use of contemporary and classical texts. Additionally, we provide training in ensemble-based creation with an aim to embrace work in the community that is simultaneously socially conscious and engaged with the needs of the community. The goal of this work is to create deep connection to the self and to others while supporting diversity, inclusion, and creating socially responsible citizens. Our methodology provides our performers with a broad understanding of performance i.e. Liberal Arts approach, thus expanding the opportunities for traditional and non-traditional careers within the performing arts. Via this approach, possible paths to employment are film, television, stage, ensemble created and civically focused work. Lastly, the intention of the Performance option is to create a culture of acceptance, risk, and success in an environment that fosters the open exchange of ideas where students work from a place of experiential joy without fear, judgment, or shame.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre for a B.A. Degree, Performance Option:

Performance option courses
Theatre Core: Credits
THR 110 - Introduction to Theatre Technology       3
THR 165 - Dramatic Heritage: Study and Analysis of Plays       3
THR 125 – Introduction to Design       3
THR 230 or 231 – Acting  I       3
THR 321- Theatre History I       3
THR 322 - Theatre History II       3
Production Lab (choose one):
THR 242 - Production Studio I       1
Performance Core:
THR 232 – Improvisation for Theatre Majors       3
THR 301 – Physical and Vocal Expression for the Performer I       3
THR 302 - Physical and Vocal Expression for the Performer II       3
THR 332 – Acting  II – Intermediate Acting       3
THR 333 - Acting III – Introduction to Classical Technique       3
THR 486 - Senior Seminar, Performance       3
Performance Electives (choose 3):
THR 318 - Devising Theatre        9
THR 334 – Audition Techniques for Stage and Film
THR 335 - Acting for the Camera
THR 336 - Shakespeare and Autism
THR 355 - Directing
THR 368 – Contemporary British and Irish Dramatic Literature
THR 369 – The American Canon: Seminar in Dramatic Literature
THR 370 – Theories of Theatre and Performance
THR 381 – Theatre Management
THR 395 – Applied Study in Theatre
THR 401 - Advanced Movement
THR 402 - Advanced Voice
THR 432 – Acting Techniques: Jacobean Theatre
THR 433 – Acting IV – Advanced Scene Study
THR 435 – Acting for the Camera II
THR 455 – Directing II
THR 495 - Theatre Seminar
Total:       46

A "C" is required in each course counted for the Performance Option.

To satisfy the requirements for the Performance Option, a student must also successfully complete a performance requirement, which includes auditioning for all Department of Theatre mainstage productions,

Oral Competency Requirement, Performance Option: To satisfy the oral competency requirement for the B.A. degree a student must successfully complete THR 486.

Applied Learning Requirement, Performance option: to satisfy the applied learning requirement for the B.A. degree in theatre a student must successfully complete THR 110.