Department of Theatre

UNCW Department of Theatre - Hamlet


The Department of Theatre provides high level education and training in theatre art within the context of a liberal arts environment. For our majors we offer three areas of concentration: Performance, Design/Technology, and Customized. Students committed to performance or production design and technology are challenged with pre-professional training and a solid academic core that prepares them for a range of outcomes: from entry into the theatre and film markets to exciting careers in related disciplines. Students interested in customized develop individualized or community-based projects within a wider array of theatre courses and experiences. For theatre minors or general university students we offer a range of production opportunities, as well as academic and active learning workshop classes to augment the student's breadth of knowledge. Students interested in Dance may select from a variety of studio courses that will enhance their educational experience at UNCW.

  • The required core includes courses in performance, design, production, script analysis, and theatre history. The senior seminar "capstone" course culminates the student's work throughout their undergraduate education for the purpose of preparing for their careers. This includes audition/interview techniques and portfolio development.
  • A double major is possible.
  • Study abroad programs are available.