Department of Theatre


Our mission is to provide high level education and training in theatre art within the context of a liberal arts environment. For our majors committed to performance or production, we combine pre-professional training with a solid academic core in order to prepare our students for a range of outcomes: from entry into the theatre and film markets to exciting careers in related fields of communication and other cognate disciplines. For theatre minors or general university students we offer a range of production opportunities, as well as academic and active learning workshop classes to augment the general student's breadth of knowledge. For the university community and beyond we provide outreach programs and an eclectic and engaging season of productions that promulgate our view of theatre as both art and humanity.


Our vision is energized by, and inextricably linked to, our new, state-of-the-art facility, our achievement of departmental status and separate identity as an independent unit. Our vision entails several integral areas:

  • a commitment to a distinctive and innovative curriculum.
  • becoming a major destination regional theatre program.
  • planning for growth and increasing enrollments with subsequent advancement of resources and personnel.
  • achieving success as a new department within the university as we increase our regional and national visibility.
  • fostering a spirit of joy, energy, and excitement in the work that we do.

To achieve our vision we plan specific goals:

  • develop and execute successful outreach programs on multiple levels that link UNCW theatre to the community and campus.
  • develop and retain a strong faculty and staff committed to collaboration, collegiality, and excellence.
  • nurture and encourage alumni ties and local giving.
  • build a more committed and confident sense of community among our theatre students.
  • strive to meet high standards of excellence in our productions and other public representations of our program.
  • collaborate or network with other departments as required.