University Testing Services

UTS Testing Policies

Depaolo Hall

Thank you for choosing UNCW to further your educational or licensing needs. Please comply with the following policies:

  • Please keep your photo identification with you at all times
  • All personal items, including your purse, wallet, book bag, cell phone and other electronic devices must be placed in one of our lockers. You will collect them after testing.
  • Testing staff must approve any items taken into the testing room
  • NO food or drink is allowed in the testing room
  • We reserve the right to audio and / or video record activity in the testing rooms for security purposes - signs posted
  • Cheating is a violation of the UNCW Code of Student Life and testing company policies. Anyone found cheating will be dismissed from the testing room and scores may be canceled. A report will be provided to the testing company and / or appropriate university officials for determination of appropriate disciplinary actions
  • Testing Services does NOT allow children in the testing rooms or unattended in the waiting area. UNCW policy does not allow unattended children elsewhere on campus.
  • Most exams present a tutorial or instructions that explain the basic functions of the computer and other directions that are specific to the exam that you will be taking. Notify a staff member immediately if you have questions about the testing process
  • Notify the staff immediately if you have a technical or other problem with the delivery of your test; this includes equipment, computer program or test booklet / answer documents
  • Check with your degree program or licensing organization for up-to-date information regarding passing scores for your specific test and / or program
  • Exiting the lobby area or accessing any electronic devices during an exam break is not permitted.