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About University Testing ServicesDePaolo Hall, Room 1021 entry

University Testing Services offers computer-based tests as well as proctoring for distance learning students. 


The mission of University Testing Services is to provide secure, professional and efficient testing services to UNCW and surrounding communities.  In support of the academic mission, high quality testing and assessment related services are provided for various needs which include the evaluation of knowledge and skills, the assessment of learning outcomes, achieving educational goals and securing professional certifications.  University Testing Services practices and promotes fairness in testing procedures for all testing candidates.  We adhere to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines.

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Monday through Saturday 7:30am - 5pm


910-512-6785 / 910-962-7617

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ParkingReserved Parking UTS

Free parking for University Testing Services patrons is available in front of DePaolo Hall, located off Alumni Drive in Lot F. A parking pass will be provided to you by a staff member.  Parking for handicapped individuals is also available.