Tax Compliance

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Mileage Information

  • Employee who is assigned the vehicle is responsible for timely submission of mileage logs to:
  1. Travel office (original copy)
  2. General Accounting (copy)
  • Mileage logs are due each month by the fifth of the following month.
  • Mileage logs must be received in the travel office prior to 30 days of the last date of travel to be reimbursed for the business mileage.
  • Business mileage is reimbursable at the allowable mileage rate and must be used for University business purpose or used to carry out official University job responsibilities.
  • Personal mileage is not reimbursable and is considered a taxable benefit which will be taxed in the employee's monthly pay.
  • Each monthly log must be signed and dated by the employee who drives the assigned vehicle along with their budget authority's approval.
  • Any personal mileage driven within a business trip must be separated out as personal mileage and entered in the personal mileage column.
  • Commuting mileage (to and from home and work) is always considered personal mileage.
  • If mileage logs are not submitted timely, business mileage will not be reimbursable. All mileage will be treated as a taxable.
  • When the driver receives a different vehicle, a new excel workbook must be created with the correct header information including the beginning odometer mileage. Once the header information has been completed,
  • Proceed to the correct month to begin entering mileage.
  • Each January a new workbook with header information will be created as these logs are on a calendar year basis.