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PDC Mini-Conference
March 11, 2020

Preparation. Dedication. Connection...it is how we want to be for our students, and how we want our students to be, not just here at UNCW, but in their communities, careers, and everyday lives. Join us for our annual mini-conference as we come together to discuss Preparation for the future, Dedication to our craft, and Connection to our communities; how we as Student Affairs staff can work smarter to develop students and each other.  


  • Student Preparation: How do we help students prepare themselves to be life-long learners?  Come share your department’s best practices to help students develop such skills as creative inquiry, critical thinking, thoughtful expression, and responsible citizenship.
  • Professional Preparation:  As a higher education professionals, how are you preparing for the future?  What students needs do you anticipate?  What professional trends do you notice?


  • Dedication is the willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something because it is important.
  • Come share your story as to how you came to be at UNCW and what continues to motivate you.  


  • How does your office contribute to the UNCW community?  To the Wilmington community?
  • You help students develop leadership, diversity, civic engagement, sustainability, and global awareness skills.  How do you do this?  What are some best practices? How does this affect society? 

Please submit your program proposal here. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2020.  All are encouraged to submit a program proposal.

Questions?  Contact Stephanie Ganser, PDC Chair, at gansers@uncw.edu


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