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Student Affairs Committees

Statement of Rationale:
The Division of Student Affairs is invested in the professional career development of its staff, including professional staff and professional administrative staff. To that end, a myriad of opportunities exist for staff to volunteer for divisional committees and workgroups. Staff are encouraged to discuss their interests in divisional service with their supervisor before requesting to serve on a divisional committee or workgroup.

Current Student Affairs Committees:

Listed below are current Student Affairs committees. To express interest in a specific committee, click on the chair's name to contact the chair by e-mail.

Division Events and Celebrations Committee
This committee coordinates the division events and celebrations including the homecoming celebration, beginning or end of the semester celebrations, and the annual awards process.
Chair: Amber Grove
Vice Chair: Nadirah Pippen
Members: Abby Knight, Danny Turner, Eric Martin, Justin Edwards, Shelbea West, Tabitha Summerlin, Zach Gilbert

Inclusive Community Committee
This committee takes the lead in keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the forefront of division work, decision making, and events. They play an important role in moving the division’s DEI training agenda forward, by providing speakers and training opportunities for the entire division.
Chair: Jen August
Vice Chair: Erin Williamson
Members: Jody Goldstein, Darion Bayles, Jess Gorgas, Nancy Blackwell, Sara Nimmo, Stef Anderson, Tammi Emeka

Professional Development Committee
This committee coordinates the professional development calendar for the division, helping to identify the professional development needs of the division, linking to events already happening on campus, and arranging and cultivating others as gaps are identified.
Chair: Mark Perez-Lopez
Vice Chair: Christina Logan
Members: Amy Hector, Amelie Brogden, Lindsey Trione, Nicole Barr, O'Keefe Johnson, Ricky Patterson